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PFA Antista Chemical Tubing

Application area Usable in explosive ambiance (explosion protection) Conveying tubing for... more

Application area

Usable in explosive ambiance (explosion protection)

Conveying tubing for antistatic applications

For transport of highly flammable solvents and alcohols

For transport of highly pure chemicals and gases

For compensation of thermal expansions

Product specification

Transparent tubing for antistatic applications.

Absolutely smooth and non-porous interior surface.

The flowing product is only exposed to PFA.

PFA is physiologically safe and non-toxic.

Fitted with black longitudinal conductive stripes on the outer surface.

No contamination and no chemical restrictions due to the outer conducting stripes.

Clear visibility of the flowing product.

Resistant to organic and anorganic solutions.

Good dielectrical properties.

Thermoplastic, therefore suitable for welding.

It is recommended to restrict the maximum operating pressure to 25 % of the burst pressure. For higher temperatures, this value has to be multiplied by a reduction factor.

Technical specification

Material: PFA (perfluoroalkoxy)

Colour: transparent

Temperature range: -200 to +250 °C

Leakage resistance: <106 Ohm

Design: with black longitudinal conductive stripes

Regulations: conforming to FDA

General Information Conveyance of fluids of all kinds and quality in laboratories and pilot... more

General Information

Conveyance of fluids of all kinds and quality in laboratories and pilot plants as well as in small production units.

Connection of equipments and systems under extreme thermal and environmental influences.

Connecting tubing for equipments of super-clean room technology and radiochemistry.

Flexible fluorocarbon tubing of high thermal, chemical, and mechanical stability, free of extractable constituents. Small flow resistance and only slight tendency to adhesion of solid matter due to smooth inner surface with antiadhesive properties. Electrically non-conducting, resistant to aging even under unfavourable environmental conditions such as moisture, vapours of solvents and acids, radioactive radiation, and weather effects.

Chemically resistant to amines, aldehydes, carboxylic acids, esters of carboxylic acids, dioxane, halogenes, halogenated solvents, conc. mineral acids, nitric oxides, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, carbon disulfide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen peroxide, aqueous salt solution of every concentration.

Item Image Inside Ø
Outside Ø
Min. bending radius
Bursting pressure1
2 3 15 57 5 106.00
2 3 15 57 10 188.00
4 6 25 57 3 188.00
4 6 25 57 6 362.00
6 8 50 41 2 178.00
6 8 50 41 4 318.00
8 10 80 32 2 228.00
8 10 80 32 4 436.00
10 12 130 27 2 276.00
10 12 130 27 4 498.00
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