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Staff | Reichelt Chemietechnik
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Dr. oec. Peter Reichelt - managing director
Peter Reichelt's main concern is looking after distribution. He concentrates particularly on liaison with our foreign agencies and on securing new partnerships abroad, and the marketing sector is just as important for him. His particular interests in this respect are the development of new product groups and launching them on the market. On a more personal level, he has a daily date with sport. He either visits a fitness studio, or he goes jogging, whatever the weather, to tank up his reserves of energy and relax after the stresses of his working day.
Tel.: (+49) 06221-3125-14
Fax: (+49) 06221-3125-24
e-mail: preichelt@rct-online.de


Thomas Reichelt - Financial and accounting - Commercial signatory
Thomas Reichelt has been with Reichelt Chemietechnik since 2004. He joined the company as an operating assistant and today he is our financial commercial signatory and a member of the executive Board. He takes care of all aspects of company finances, of the IT programs in his sector and of the company's commercial organisation. In his free time he is an enthusiastic dancer.
Tel.: (+49) 06221-3125-17
Fax: (+49) 06221-3125-27
e-mail: treichelt@rct-online.de


Christian Hagendorn - Domestic sales - Commercial signatory
Christian Hagendorn has been here since 1994 as commercial sales signatory. His main task is to ensure that all our customers receive the very best service, that they are as far as humanly possible supplied "just-in-time", and that any technical problems are solved in an expert manner and fast by application technology. On top of this, he also looks after the company's procurement and is in charge of the functional sector of materials management. His main preoccupations in his free time are his family and circle of friends, and as a sideline he does enjoy solving baffling IT-problems.
Tel.: (+49) 06221-3125-13
Fax: (+49) 06221-3125-23
e-mail: chagendorn@rct-online.de


Tony Figus - Export - authorised negotiator
Tony Figus takes care of the interests of our foreign representatives and is primarily concerned with the co-ordination and smooth running of all our export business. He is product specialist for the entire range and is a reliable contact for all our customers. He concentrates above all on technical aspects. He is the calming influence in the distribution team. However hectic things are, he is always relaxed and keeps things under control!
Tel.: (+49) 06221-3125-12
Fax: (+49) 06221-3125-22
e-mail: tfigus@rct-online.de


Susanna Teske - Sales
Tel.: (+49) 06221-3125-14
Fax: (+49) 06221-3125-24
e-mail: steske@rct-online.de


Elke Holzhofer - Marketing Services - authorised negotiator
Elke Holzhofer organises the whole of the sales promotion effort. She is also responsible for media work, advertising and public relations. For over twenty years now she has been supporting our boss as assistant to the executive Board and has thus been directly involved in the product innovation. After her working day is done, she enjoys a game of tennis and is also on the committee of a local charity association and likes to tour the Odenwald on her mountain bike.
Tel.: (+49) 06221-3125-19
Fax: (+49) 06221-3125-29
e-mail: eholzhofer@rct-online.de


Michael Slaby - Marketing and sales assistent
Tel.: 06221-3125-15
Fax: 06221-3125-29
e-mail: mslaby@rct-online.de


Corinna Ott - Logistics
Tel.: (+49) 06221-3125-18
Fax: (+49) 06221-3125-28


Elina Vigderovich - Logistics
Tel.: (+49) 06221-3125-18
Fax: (+49) 06221-3125-28


Hardy Borghoff - Database maintenance
Tel.: (+49) 06221-3125-12
Fax: (+49) 06221-3125-10
e-mail: hborghoff@rct-online.de