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Notes on safety

The details given on all products on our Internet page, in particular regarding the chemical standards, as well as pressure and temperature resistance, are based on today's state of technical knowledge and experience and on published literature and details published by their manufacturers.

To ensure you are as well informed as possible regarding the fields of application of our products, we take the greatest care to give a comprehensive and precise description in accordance with today's state-of-the-art. Please understand however, that we cannot accept liability for the actual existence of the properties described, as they are strictly guidelines and have been established under normal conditions in experiments. We recommend that you test the product under the same conditions as those which would be encountered in your proposed application, and we would be happy to give you the benefit of our experience.

Certain properties or fields of application can neither expressly nor by implication be derived from our publications. For this reason we cannot offer any guarantee, and each and every legal claim and claim for damages is excluded.