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The company Reichelt Chemietechnik GmbH & Co. was founded on 1th September 1978 by Dr. Peter Reichelt as a production and distribution company on the acquisition of Serva-Technik GmbH & Co.

The prime objective right at the start was to stabilise and establish a sound base for the new company. This included building up a solid team at the core and above all introducing an expanding product policy. The first priority was to set up new product groups and to establish active and independent profit centres.

In the beginning, the range comprised 600 products, which was advertised in a handbook with a print run of 20,000 - indeed an impressive figure in those founding days. However, the range was to expand rapidly, and it wasn't long before it would include 2,000 products, concentrating specially on products in the field of "liquid chromatography".


The company today

The Baden company is not only nationally active in the sectors of production and process technology, lab technology, fluid technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, instrument manufacture, machine construction and metrology, but also in Europe and various countries around the world. Here the company is represented by independent agents well stocked with foreign-language handbooks.

RCT holds a permanent stock of about 2/3 of its entire range available in some 2.000 m² of warehouse space, and we can thus guarantee a high level of delivery availability and dependability.

Over the years, Reichelt Chemietechnik has developed into a classic mail-order company. For our customers, this means that the entire range of products is offered in handbooks which are updated and reprinted on an annual basis. The latest innovation is that the products can now be ordered through the newly-designed home page via the web shop.

Today, the company has 3.2 million handbooks printed for the German market alone. The allotment of all the handbooks in nine further languages for our partners in Europe and different countries around the world are in addition to these.


The company's philosophy

Ever since its foundation, RCT has based its philosophy on the principle of offering and distributing small quantities. Our top priority is to maintain a high level of availability of all products which will ensure the customer gets his delivery when he wants the goods and guarantees the "just in time" principle of delivery.

The handbooks, which appear annually in a print run of 3.2 million and which are distributed as inserts in 20 trade magazines, are the company's most important marketing instrument.

This is the philosophy which accompanies the range: offering the "small quantity". Here we offer the smallest packages, which are tailor-made for the lab and the production operation, and it is this which sets us apart from all other competitors on the market. Just put RCT to the test!

Our customers

The RCT sales figures are generated from a large number of small, individual orders, which is why we have such a large customer base of some 12,000 different companies, from the widest possible range of industrial sectors. This helps to make us independent of both large companies and the economy.

There are two routes to acquiring new customers: one is through our Internet presence, and the other is through the inserts of handbooks in trade magazines.


Reichelt: 30th anniversary

It's not enough just to sell the customer the product. RCT takes the view that service is one of the keys to success. This service consists on one hand of having comprehensive stocks of products available, and on the other of giving specialist technical advice over the telephone.

The success concept is a consistent widening of the product range, servicing of niche markets and new target groups, logical direct marketing and the implementation of the company's selling philosophy, namely the "distribution of small quantities", and last but not least, living the company culture.

Innovation coupled with continuity and excellence was and is the benchmark for the company Reichelt Chemietechnik. Implementing a clear line in our policies governing product range and marketing has brought the company forward to the position it enjoys today. The fact that having recognised the right path, we have consistently followed it on a long-term basis has been a key factor in the company's success. The progress of this "family concern" is also very closely associated with its staff – not only a highly creative and enthusiastic workforce, but one which identities absolutely with the company. This was and is the true base on which RCT's success story is founded!