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High-Tech Magnet-Driven Gear Delivery Pump E-2000-MP

Application area Delivery of anorganic as well as organic media. Addition of reagents in... more

Application area

Delivery of anorganic as well as organic media.

Addition of reagents in chemical process technology.

Precise addition of fuel additives during production of gasoline and other fuels.

Addition of colourings, odorous or flavouring additives in the food and semiluxuries producing industries as well as in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Addition of dyes, catalysts, and plasticizers in the paper, textile, and plastics industries.

Product specification

The E-2000-MP drive system is infinitely variable. Speed range: 0-2,000 rpm and Δp=0.

The delivery rate is preselected with the arrow keys and directly digitally displayed in percent.

Pressing a high-speed button increases the delivery rate within seconds. This advantage is especially useful for rapid filling of aggregates and systems as well as the tubing system and for drawing off samples.

The pump is microprocessor-operated and equipped with both a RS-232 interface and a 25-pin D-plug for external control (SPC).

Functions: Start/stop, speed variation 0-100 %.

Magnetic drive ensures hermetically tight seal of the delivery chamber. This safety feature allows the delivery of critical as well as expensive media.

Technical specification


Gearwheels: PTFE or PEEK

Pump head: stainless steel 1.4401 (SS 316)

Conveying medium: liquids

Max. delivery rate: 38 - 105 l/h

Precision of delivery: better than 0.1 %

Max. operating pressure: 20 bar

Negative pressure: max. 950 mbar

Differential pressure: up to 8 bar

Temperature range: 0 to +40 °C

Viscosity: max. 50 cP (mPas)

Display: delivery rate in percentage referring to the max. capacity

Start-Stop-Function: zero-potential relais contact or Open Collector Input

Motor speed: infinitely variable 0 - 2,000 rpm, high-speed function

Speed variation: 0 - 100 %

External control: via SPC by means of 25-pin D-plug and via RS-232 interface (microprocessor-operated)

External input: 0 - 10 V=; 4 - 20 mA

Regulations: conforming to RoHS

Pipe connection: 1/4" NPT internal thread

Voltage: 220 V~ / 50 Hz

Dimension: 320 x 130 x 150 mm (L x W x H)

General Information Use in process technology, isotope technology, process engineering,... more

General Information

Use in process technology, isotope technology, process engineering, chemical engineering and environmental technology.

Conveyance of highly pure chemicals

Conveyance of sensitive dangerous goods

Conveyance of smallest and largest quantities in laboratory and plant

Nonpulsating flow

High metering accuracy


Very reliable

Extremely easy to maintain


Working principle:

A gear pump is a centrifugal pump and consists of two cogwheels which rotate in opposite directions and mesh into each other at the input end of the pump.

The pump housing has an input and output connection.

The motor directly drives one cogwheel (driving) and the driving cogwheel drives the other.

The liquid is being sucked into the empty space between two teeth (see fig. I).

The liquid, trapped between the tooth spaces, is being transported to the output side (see fig. II).

After the liquid arrives at the output side, the teeth of the two gears fill each others empty spaces up, and the liquid is pumped into the outlet (see fig. III).

Item Image Max. delivery rate
max. Temp.
Werkstoff Zahnräder Einheit
38 40 PTFE 1 6,802.00
68 40 PTFE 1 6,802.00
105 40 PTFE 1 6,802.00
38 95 PEEK 1 6,802.00
68 95 PEEK 1 6,802.00
105 95 PEEK 1 6,802.00