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Tangit®-PVC-U Adhesive

Product specification Solvent-containing special adhesive based on THF (tetrahydrofuran,... more

Product specification

Solvent-containing special adhesive based on THF (tetrahydrofuran, stabilized) for tensile-resistant connection between pressure pipes (e.g. drinking water and gas pipes) and pipe couplings made of PVC-U, and for adhesive bonding of conduits, sewage pipes, eaves gutters etc. made of this material. The cured adhesive meets the conditions of admission for drinking water supply via PVC-U pipes acc. to Recommendation No. VIII issued by the Plastics Committee of the German Health Office.

The bonding with Tangit® PVC-U adhesive requires gluing surfaces free of grease and cleaned with blotting paper or crep paper. For this purpose it is recommended to use Tangit® cleaner (item 350158).

Technical specification

Raw material basis: PVC-U (polyvinyl chloride, free of plasticizers), THF (tetrahydrofuran, stabilized), methyl ethyl ketone, cyclohexanone

Density: approx. 0.96 g/ml

Temperature range: -15 to +60 °C

Viscosity: 1800 - 3,500 mPas (at +23 °C)

Resistibility: waterproof

Storage: should not be stored at temperatures below +5 ºC since this leads to a higher viscosity and thickening of the adhesive, thus affecting its workability

Shelf life: at +20 °C at least 12 months for Tangit in tubes and 24 months for Tangit® in tins from the date of filling

Regulations: Complies with DIN 16970, KRV Guideline R 1.1.7 and the principles for the construction and testing of drainage pipes; meets the requirements of BS 4346, Part 3, and ASTM D 2564, NEN 7106

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