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Fluoroelastomer Universal Adhesive

Fluoroelastomer Universal Adhesive
Product specification For bonding of fluoroelastomers and other materials, such as elastomers... more

Product specification

For bonding of fluoroelastomers and other materials, such as elastomers (e.g. chloroprene rubber), some thermoplasts, leather, metals, wood, glass, paper, and textiles.

High yield as 100 g of the universal adhesive are sufficient for approx. 700 cm².

Before application of the adhesive, the bonding surface has to be prepared to be clean, dry, and free of fat. Roughening of the surface is advantageous. For cleaning the surface it is recommended to use a ketonic solvent for bonding of elastomers and a chlorinated one (e.g. trichloroethylene) for bonding of metals.


Adhesive and cross-linker (catalyst/activator) have to be mixed homogeneously and without inclusion of air. The active adhesive can be stored at 0 °C for approx. 15 days in an absolutely closed container. Apply the activated adhesive on every surface. Let it dry until no adhesive remains after having touched it. Drying time is approx. 10-15 min. Bonding is achieved by pressing both bonding surfaces together. Pressure time approx. 15 min. Preparing of the bonding surfaces with primer (priming) is indicated. Complete bonding after a drying time of approx. 48 hrs.

Shelf life in original package (non-activated) 6 months.

Avoid skin contact and breathing-in of the cross-linker (activator).

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