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PeViCol-PVC Adhesive

PeViCol-PVC Adhesive
Product specification PeViCol is ideally suitable for adhesion of plastic valves, fittings,... more

Product specification

PeViCol is ideally suitable for adhesion of plastic valves, fittings, pipes and hoses made of PVC, of parts made of the same or different thermoplastics (PVC-U, non-rigid PVC, PVC-C).

PeViCol is used for adhesion of small as well as of very big pipeline components.

PeViCol is pure PVC, dissolved in N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidon, with thixotrope properties. It has the same temperature and pressure resistance like PVC-U. The adhesions are water, acid and base resistant.

Due to its hygroscopic properties, PeViCol absorbs water or air humidity while setting. The joint becomes white - an excellent visual quality control.

The bonding with PeViCol requires gluing surfaces free of grease and cleaned with blotting paper or crep paper. For this purpose it is recommended to use Tangit® cleaner (item 350158).

Best application temperature: +10 to +60 °C

Air humidity: 30 - 80 %

Wet life: depends on the air humidity, i.e. the higher the air humidity the shorter the wet life; at +20 °C and 60 % air humidity the wet life is 4 - 5 minutes

Setting time: The setting time may be considerably shortened by turning the jointed parts in reverse direction until a noticeable resistance is felt. The adjustment is to be made with the last rotation.

Loading of glued joint (pipes <DN 65):

setting time 1h: 2 bar pressure load

setting time 2h: 3 bar pressure load

setting time 3h: 4 bar pressure load

setting time 4h: 5 bar pressure load, thereafter with 1 bar per hour in addition

Loading of glued joint (pipes >DN 65): The pressure test or commissioning should be made not earlier than 24 hours after the latest gluing.

Waste disposal and cleaning: Dilute PeViCol rests with water and dispose acc. to regulations. Keep brush airtight. Precipitated PVC is to be disposed like the PVC material. The solvent, at a ratio of 1:100, is degradable.

Recommended protection equipment: Wear gloves made of Neoprene® or cream hands with skin cream with oil. In case of splashing danger wear tightly closing protective goggles.

Technical specification

Consistency: liquid

Colour: clear/yellowish

Boiling point: +202 °C

Freezing point: -24 °C

Flashing point: +93 °C

Lower Ex-limit: 1.3 Vol.-%

Upper Ex-limit: 9.5 Vol.-%

Auto ignition temperature: +346 °C

Saturated vapour pressure: 0.053 mbar (+20 °C)

Saturation concentration: 525 ppm

Viscosity: 9,000 mPas (+23 °C)

Density: 1.08 g/cm3 (+23 °C)

Water solubility (solvent): 100 %

Solvent content: 80 %

Solids content: 20 %

Acid resistance of glued joints: sulphuric acid up to 80 %, hydrochloric acid up to 36 %, nitric acid up to 45 %, hydrofluoric acid up to 10 %

Delivery form: standard in PE bottles

Minimum durability: 12 months after filling

Safety note: safety data sheet (print 310 129) acc. to 91/155/EWG

Regulations: DIN 16970, BS 6209 and BS 6920, approved up to PN 16; ASTM D 2564-96a (97) and NSF-61, point 9 (toxicity); NS 2944, point 6.4

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