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Thread Locking Adhesive

Application area Permanent locking of screw and bolt connections Product specification... more

Application area

Permanent locking of screw and bolt connections

Product specification

Thixotropic, solvent-free, methyl acrylate-based one-component adhesive; heavy metal catalyzed anaerobic curing on metal surfaces without residual softness, heat-loadable, red coloured for identification.

The curing time and the functional stability indicated in the technical specification are dependent on the kind of material and the thickness of the adhesive layer. The breakaway torque is defined as the strength value measured with the first relative movement between nut and bolt thread. Used threads: M10x20 DIN 933-8.8 blackened; nut M10 DIN 934-8 bright; curing time 72 hours. The follow-on torque is calculated from the mean speed torque after 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 turn when unscrewing the M10 bolt connection.

Handling: see THOMASANN®-Thread Safety Adhesive (item: 43067-43069).

Technical specification

Max. allowance: 0.12 mm

Curing time: 10 to 45 minutes (at room temperature)

Functional stability: after some hours

Viscosity: 1,300 mPas (non-cured)

Breakaway torque: 20 - 25 Nm

Mean follow-on torque: 30 - 45 Nm

Achievable stability range: highly stable (after curing)

Temperature range: -55 to +150 °C

Shelf life: 12 months at +20 °C

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