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High-Pressure Pump Station

High-Pressure Pump Station
Product specification The micro metering diaphragm pump is a glandless high-pressure... more

Product specification

The micro metering diaphragm pump is a glandless high-pressure diaphragm pump without any leakage of the product to be delivered. The proven function principle, combined with maintenance-free compact design predominantly for the liquid chromatography, is hard to beat relating to accuracy and reliability.

The pump cylinder with working and control piston is side-connected to the diaphragm head. While the cylinder is filled with a pressurizing agent of good lubricity to the stainless steel diaphragm, the liquid to be delivered is hermetically separated from actuator by the diaphragm. Therefore the pumped liquid does not come into contact with the piston packing, thus no leakage and the delivery rate corresponds to 100 % of the suction capacity.

The post-flow device functions according to the low pressure principle in the pressurizing agent range within a lossless circuit. This ensures problem-free functioning and a maintenance-free continuous operation.

If the NPSH value does not fall below the minimum given value when the pump is operating, which generally requires a fluid feed and adequately sized intake cross-sections, highest standards of metering accuracy and constancy of the delivery rate are guaranteed.

Packingless plunger seal: Actuation by commercially available standard motors 220 V~ / 50 Hz; additional expansion to multiple aggregates also possible to a later time point; the delivery rate is smoothed by built-in pulsation dampener with residual pulsation >1 %.

Prefilter: The filtration of the eluent is effected by a fine filter close to the pump head.

Intermediate vessel made of glass: Standard size 30 ml. Effective bubble catcher, also for production of gradients. Fused-in stirrer magnet.

Manometer: Clearly arranged scale, adjustable maximum contact, that allows the presetting of a safety pressure

Side surface: With polyethylene tray, support rod for fastening of column

Technical specification

Material of product-contacting parts: chromium-nickel steel 1.4571, Hastelloy C2,4602

Practical control range: 1:100 (possible 1:1,000)

Max. counterpressure: 500 bar

Metering accuracy: 0.1 %

Temperature range: -10 to +110 °C

Viscosity range: 0.01 - 1,000 cSt

Manual stroke indicator: 0 - 1,000 graduation marks

Electr. actuator: 0 - 500 ohm, 24 V=, 25 W

Dead space volume: 370 µl

Pipe connections:

Suction side: pipe 3/2 Ø

Pressure side: capillary 1.6/0.3 Ø

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