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Diaphragm Pump E-25-T for Purest Media made of PTFE

Application area Conveyance of purest media in the areas of micro electronics as well as in... more

Application area

Conveyance of purest media in the areas of micro electronics as well as in biological, chemical, and medical research.

Conveyance of aggressive media, such as acids, alkalis, and salt solutions in the areas of industrial chemical research, pilot and small production plants.

Conveyance of media in the areas of nuclear technology and isotope applications.

Product specification

The THOMAFLUID® E-25 T drive system is stepless variable.

The delivery rate (rpm) is preselected with a potentiometer and directly digitally displayed. The drive system can be driven clockwise and anticlockwise. By pressing a high-speed button double maximum speed (approx. 400 rpm) is reached within seconds. This advantage is especially useful for rapid filling of the tubing system and for drawing off samples.

The pump is equipped with a 15-pin D-plug for external control (SPC).

Duty diaphragm pump head for continuous use for conveyance of all kinds of media, particularly of aggessive and ultra-pure media, with viscosities up to 500 mPas (continous delivery of halogenated compounds including perchloric acid, chloroethyl alcohol, chlorinated hydrocarbons, aqueous hydrofluoric acid, and methyl ethyl ketone not recommended).

All medium-contacting parts including the long-life PTFE diaphragm are completely made of PTFE. Bifunctional, identical and mutually interchangeable inlet and outlet valves with corrosion-proof, PTFE spring-loaded ball sealing system made of borosilicate glass; delivery rate linearly variable between 10 and 50 ml/min by stepless speed controller (100 rpm correspond to 25 ml/min), furthermore overdrive delivering 100 ml/min (corresponding to 400 rpm) at counterpressures >0.4 bar.

Technical specification

Material: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)

Speed range: 0 - 200 rpm and Δp=0

Function: Start/Stop, speed variation 0 - 100 %.

Max. temperature of medium: in continuous use up to +65 °C, for a short time up to +110 °C

Pipe connection: external thread NPT 1/8”

Max. delivery rate: variable 10 - 50 ml/min

Total dead volume: approx. 2 ml

Max. counterpressure: 10 bar, for a short time 14 bar

Reproducibility of flow rate: >4 % (counterpressure >0.4 bar)

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Item Image Max. delivery rate
max. Temp.
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