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Electronic Flowmeter made of PP or PVDF

Application area Flow meter for all drum and container pumps with G 1 1/4"-external... more

Application area

Flow meter for all drum and container pumps with G 1 1/4"-external connecting thread.

Product specification

Wide measuring range, also for small volume flow

Displays both sub-total and total volume, sub totals can be reset

Measurement by radial turbine technology

For thin-bodied, non inflammable liquids

Easy calibration

Durable lithium battery

The flow meter made of PP is suitable for neutral and aggressive media such as ferric (III) chloride, glycol, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.

The flow meter made of PVDF is suitable for highly aggressive media such as chlorine solution, nitric acid and sulphuric acid.

The pump is available in two designs.

Technical specification


Housing top: PP (polypropylene)

Measuring chamber: PP (polypropylene) or PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)

Turbine: PP (polypropylene) or PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)

Keypad: PES (polyethersulfone)

Shaft and bearing ball: Hastelloy C4 (2.4620)

Gasket: FPM (fluorinated rubber)

Range of measurement: 5 to 90 l/min.

Temperature range: -10 to +50 °C

Range of viscosity: 0.8 to 40 mPas

Max. operating pressure: 4 bar at +20 °C

Accuracy of measurement: ±1 %

Repeating accuracy: ±0.5 %

Pipe connection: external thread G 1 1/4"

Protective system: IP 65

No additional information available.
Item Image Design Werkstoff Gewicht
Montage an Fasspumpe PP 0,3 1 672.00
Montage an Zapfpistole PP 0,3 1 672.00
Montage an Fasspumpe PVDF 0,4 1 794.00
Montage an Zapfpistole PVDF 0,4 1 794.00
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