Multi-Lumen Quick-Disconnect Coupling made of POM - Control Panel

Multi-Lumen Quick-Disconnect Coupling made of POM - Control Panel

Product specification

Female coupling part. With port and hose nozzle for control panel mounting. Can be combined with all male coupling parts.


General Information

THOMAFLUID®-quick-disconnect coupling systems are excellently suited for connecting and disconnecting of tubes, apparatuses etc. The quick-disconnect couplings are easy to operate, connecting and disconnecting can be done by one hand. The coupling is self-locking when the nipple is plugged-in. For disconnection a short thumb pressure on the lock is sufficient to pull out the nipple easily. All nipples are fitted with an easily interchangeable, reliably sealing O-ring.

A complete operable THOMAFLUID®-quick-disconnect coupling system consists of a coupling part and a nipple part, both parts may be fitted with valves. A complete quick-disconnect coupling system locking at one side consists of a coupling part with shut-off and a nipple part with port, or a coupling part with port and a nipple part with shut-off. To get a coupling locking on both sides, a coupling part as well as a nipple part, both with shut-off, have to be obtained.

General Information

Simultaneous coupling of two tubes with a quick-release coupling.

Two separate flow channels in one quick-release coupling.

Female coupling part fitted for front panel mounting.

Material: POM (polyacetal, polyoxymethylene)

Gaskets: NBR (butadiene-rubber)

Temperature range: -40 to +80 °C

Max. operating pressure: 6.9 bar per line at +20 °C

Position Item Image Connection Valve PlattenBohrungØ Length
1 13954   nozzle 1.6 mm without 44 1 35.00 Warenkorb
2 13955   nozzle 4 mm without 44 1 33.00 Warenkorb





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