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PSU Quick-Disconnect Coupling, NW 13.2 mm - Control Panel

Product specification Female coupling part. With port and hose nozzle for control panel... more

Product specification

Female coupling part. With port and hose nozzle for control panel mounting. Can be combined with all male coupling parts of nominal width 13.2 mm.

General Information Quick-Disconnect Coupling THOMAFLUID ® -quick-disconnect coupling... more

General Information Quick-Disconnect Coupling

THOMAFLUID®-quick-disconnect coupling systems are excellently suited for connecting and disconnecting of tubes, apparatuses etc. The quick-disconnect couplings are easy to operate, connecting and disconnecting can be done by one hand. The coupling is self-locking when the nipple is plugged-in. For disconnection a short thumb pressure on the lock is sufficient to pull out the nipple easily. All nipples are fitted with an easily interchangeable, reliably sealing O-ring.

A complete operable THOMAFLUID®-quick-disconnect coupling system consists of a coupling part and a nipple part, both parts may be fitted with valves. A complete quick-disconnect coupling system locking at one side consists of a coupling part with shut-off and a nipple part with port, or a coupling part with port and a nipple part with shut-off. To get a coupling locking on both sides, a coupling part as well as a nipple part, both with shut-off, have to be obtained.

General Information PSU

Filtration of deionized water, bioprocessing systems, pharmaceutical manufacturing, dispensing equipment, packaged bleaching agents, particle counter.

This series is robust, chemically resistant, autoclavable and suitable for demanding applications. The particularly heavy-duty valve design provides high flow rates and an exceptionally low dead volume. Polysulfone meets the highest requirements and features besides its high loading capacity chemical resistance and autoclaving.

General Information 13.2 mm nominal width

The couplings have a very smooth through opening, which minimizes turbulence.

Valve-free, no flow impairment and therefore a high flow rate.

Polysulfone is designed for the highest demands and is characterized by good chemical resistance and autoclavability.


Valve body: PSU (polysulfone)

Gaskets: EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene rubber)

Valve spring: stainless steel 316

Colour: molded white

Nominal width: 13.2 mm

Plug diameter: approx. 18.4 mm

Temperature range: -40 to +138 °C

Max. operating pressure: 8.6 bar at +20 °C

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