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High-Pure Elbow Connector made of PFA

Product specification L-shape, tubing connection on both sides more

Product specification

L-shape, tubing connection on both sides

General Information EMP-3 High-Pure THOMAFLUID ® - PFA tubing screw joints are used for... more

General Information EMP-3 High-Pure

THOMAFLUID®-PFA tubing screw joints are used for connecting flexible tubing made of elastomers and predominantly of PTFE, FEP and PFA.

The High-Pure connection principle is based on sliding the rigid tubing on the integrated nozzle. The arrestment of the tubing is effected by a cutting ring made of PEEK (polyether-etherketone) and the tightness by a sealing ring made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which act on the tubing by means of the knurled nut. The cutting ring notches into the tubing to the extent to which the knurled nut is screwed on the screw joint body. When screwing on the knurled nut, a shear force acts via the cutting ring increasing the contact pressure and thus ensuring a frictional and tight, easy-releasable connection that minimizes the dead volume.

With cylindrical connecting spigot dimensioned in such a way that dilatation of the tubing does not exceed 6 % (referring to the tubing outside diameter) even with unfavourable tolerances. The tension of the remaining dilatation achieves tightness of the screw joint up to 5 bar.

Tightening of the knurled nut ensures the tightness up to 10 bar (at +20 °C).

A safety effect is guaranteed by the fact that the screw joint remains tight even when the tube connecting spigot is teared off or heavily damaged by any impact. This tightness is caused by the knurled nut pressing in the cutting ring into the cone of the screw joint thus producing a seal in the cone. The connecting spigot functions as a carrying bracket, and a carrying bracket has not necessarily to be a fixed component part of the screw joint body.

The body of the screw joint and the knurled nut are made of PFA.

PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy)

High-quality technical plastic for chemical apparatus and machine construction as well as electrical engineering

Chemical, thermal and dielectrical properties practically such as PTFE, but suitable for thermoplastic processing (welding, die casting, deep drawing). Lower medium diffusion, better transparency, larger hardness and better dimensional stability (lower tendency to cold flow) compared to PTFE.

Highest temperature resistance of all meltable fluorinated plastics

Very high dimensional stability in heat

Very high resistance to media

Very good pressure resistance

Low friction coefficient

Can be treated by autoclave (absolute sterile)

Comply with the guidelines from FDA and USP class VI.

Excellent resistance to weather


Colour: milky, translucent

Density: 2.10 g/cm3

Temperature range: -200 to +200 °C (highest dimensional stability in heat)

Shore hardness D: 60° to 65°

Max. operating pressure: 10 bar at +20 °C

Coefficient of sliding friction: 0.2 - 0.3 (dynamic against steel, dry)

Tensile strength: 27 to 32 N/mm2 at +23 °C

Water absorption: <0.03 %

Dielectric constant: 2,1

Surface resistance: >1017 Ohm

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

Heavy-duty plastic

Antiadhesive surface

Outstanding sliding properties

Lowest friction coefficient of all fluorinated plastics

Excellent stress cracking resistance

Excellent weather resistance

Highest gas-tightness

No water absorption

Very good dielectric properties independent of frequency and temperature

Very good electrical insulating capacity also at air humidity

High tracking resistance


PEEK (Polyether-Etherketone)

Outstanding mechanical stability, stiffness and hardness

Highest stability and pressure resistance

High impact toughness

Best wear resistance

Outstanding hydrolysis resistance

Very high temperature resistance

High dimensional stability under heat

Highest dimensional stability

Good electric insulating properties as well as favorable dielectric characteristics

Outstanding radiation resistance

Chemically resistant to acids, alkalis, and organic solvents

Not resistant to conc. sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and chloronitrous acid (aqua regia)

Item Image Tubing inside Ø
Schlauch Außen-Ø
Schlauch Innen-Ø
Schlauch Außen-Ø
4 6 13 25 2 118.00
5 8 15 29 2 129.00
6 8 15 29 2 129.00
6 10 20 35 2 139.00
8 10 20 35 2 139.00
8 12 19 37 2 168.00
9 12 19 37 2 168.00
10 12 19 37 2 168.00
10 14 25 42 1 94.00
12 14 25 42 1 94.00
1/6" 1/4" 13 25 2 150.00
1/4" 3/8" 20 35 2 139.00
3/8" 1/2" 19 37 2 168.00