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T-Shaped Plug-In Connector with Coupling Pipe - symmetrical

Product specification Combination T-shaped adapter, coupling tube for connection to any... more

Product specification

Combination T-shaped adapter, coupling tube for connection to any THOMAFLUID®-plug-in connection, T-shaped connection for tubes.

General Information ELGEES Connections for neutral gases or compressed air. Universal... more

General Information ELGEES

Connections for neutral gases or compressed air.

Universal quick-release and coupling system in light-weight construction for all kinds of metrically sized tubings made of rigid plastics, for mounting without tools. Standardized components according to continually optimized construction principle; proven, pressure and temperature withstanding polymer material formulation with glass fibre reinforcement, partly in functional combination with nickel-plated brass; for conveyance of pure media by pressure and vacuum.

Construction, function, and handling:

The THOMAFLUID®-plug-in connection system ELGEES-PA 3100 is based on a vacuum- and pressure-resistant plug-in mechanism, which varies only in diameter according to the required connection. At any time, the plug-in mechanism can be released without use of tools and reused. The system is designed for tubings made of rigid plastic materials.

The internally conical manufactured connecting part (1) of the respective system constituent contains a multiply slotted clamping collar (2) with an outwardly directed bead (3) sized in the outside diameter of the tube (4) to be connected; the resilient, inwardly directed reeds (5) of the clamping collar have coronary grouped anchor hooks (6) at the lower end, a protecting disc (7) secures the O-ring (8) positioned in front of it and flush-mounted with the inner end of the connecting piece.

For connecting, the rigid tube to be connected is inserted to stop into the connecting part via the clamping collar, the involved sealing ring tightening the system. The mechanical support of the tube is ensured by the clamping collar, the reeds of which are forced together in the connecting part so far that the tube is hold in place forcipated by the anchor hooks due to the conical construction when the system is exposed to tensile loading.

Disconnecting is achieved immediately by pressing back the clamping collar into the connecting piece by hand on the outwardly directed bead. Thereby, the clamping collar reeds with the anchor hooks spring back into their initial position releasing the tube which can be drawn out of the connection without resistance.

For coupling, the connected tube principally need no preparation other than a right-angle to axis and burr-free cut-off piece.


Housing: glass fibre reinforced PA 6.6 (polyamide 6.6, nylon)

Clamping collar: brass

Screwed Connection: nickel-plated brass, partly PTFE coated

Reeds: stainless steel

Gaskets: NBR (butadiene rubber)

Max. operating pressure: depending on tube material and operating temperature up to 18 bar at +20 °C

Temperature range: -20 to +80 °C

Item Image Tubing outside Ø
Ø Stutzen
6 6 10,5 20,5 32 32 5 63.00
8 8 13,5 20,5 43 36 5 79.00