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Water-Jet Pump made of PP

Application area For generation of a vacuum (acceleration of filtering processes) and for... more

Application area

For generation of a vacuum (acceleration of filtering processes) and for sucking off liquids and vapours (suction main or condensation trap may need to be made available).

Gentle distillation or sublimation

Evacuation, e.g. of desiccators

Product specification

High chemical resistance since the media to be delivered are only exposed to PP, FPM and PTFE.

Permanent operating temperature: up to max. +80 °C

Working fluid: water

Increased operational reliability due to built-in check valve

Simple operation and easy to clean

Detachable vacuum connection

Versatile connection combinations to connect the pump to the water main by provided adapters as well as additionally deliverable reducing adapters.

The flow configuration has been optimized, resulting in a 33% reduction of water consumption (190 liters/h at 3.5 bar water supply pressure).

Technical specification


Housing: PP (polypropylene)

Flat packing: NBR (nitrile butadien rubber)

O-rings: FPM (fluoro elastomer) (an o-ring made of NBR fixed in the housing)

Valve reed: FPM (fluoro elastomer)

Sealing ring: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)


Water supply: R 3/4" with reducing adapter R 1/2" (more adapters are available as accessories); hose nozzle: outside diameter: 10-12 mm

Suction line: Hose nozzle: outside diameter 6-9 mm, screw cap GL 14

Max. temperature: +80 °C

Length: 210 mm (with connection R 3/4")

Weight: 33 g (with connection R 3/4")

Water consumption: approx. 190 litres/h at 3.5 bar (absolute pressure)

Suction capacity: 400 l/h (± 50 l/h) air against atmospheric pressure at a supply pressure of 3.5 bar and a water temperature of 12 °C

Ultimate pressure: ≤16 mbar at 12 °C (water temperature)

Water supply pressure: 3-6 bar (absolute) to attain the ultimate pressure

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Item Image Design Einheit
Pumpe komplett mit Reduzierstück 1/2" 1 119.00
Zubehör Reduzierstück 3/8" 1 21.00
Zubehör Reduzierstück M 22 x 1 (Perlatorgewinde) 1 21.00
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