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Chemical Tubing made of MFA * Newsletter 2012-01

Innovation! Highly Resistant Chemical Tubing made of MFA

Universal and highly resistant chemical tubing made of MFA (modified fluoroalkoxy) for extreme mechanical and thermal loads. Possible fields of application: conveyance of media in the areas of chemical technology, environmental and hygiene technology, semiconductor technology, process technology and process engineering, as well as biotechnology.

The THOMAFLUID® high-tech chemical tubing made of MFA is especially used for super-clean chemical analysis in the areas of biochemistry and biotechnology, as well as for super-clean rooms in semiconductor technology.

This newly developed fluorinated plastic has a very good resistance to most aggressive media, such as inorganic alkalis, oxidizing acids, as well as organic media, e.g. hydrocarbons, anhydrides, esters, ethers, ketones, peroxides etc.

The tubing is absolutely transparent, thus ideally suitable for use as sight tube or riser tube within the procedure processes. Its maximum temperature is +240 °C.

The tubing has an extremely smooth inside and outside surface, as well as very low moisture absorption. Moreover, it features lowest diffusion values and is nearly gas-tight.

Further specifications can be found:
Highly Resistant Chemical Tubing made of MFA

Link to the online plattform of GIT "laboratory journal":
Chemical-Resistant MFA Tubing by Reichelt

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