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Service Case for Engineers

Service Case for Engineers
Product specification Black grained leather case with all-round zip fastener, inside lined... more

Product specification

Black grained leather case with all-round zip fastener, inside lined with black plastic plates. The set contains 22 important RCT®-tools for service work

Content service-case:

Ying glass: 30 mm Ø; 5 x magnification

Side cutters: 120 mm, for hard wire up to 0.8 mm, for soft wire up to 1.5 mm, chrome-plated

Snipe nose pliers: 140 mm, angular, with long jaws, slim model, with compression spring, chrome-plated

Water pump pliers: 130 mm, chrome-plated

Screwdriver DIN 5265: 100 x 4 mm, blade made from chrome vanadium, chrome-plated, with black tip

Cross-recess screwdriver Pozidriv: blade made from chrome vanadium, with black tip, size 0 (length 60 mm), size 2 (lenght 100 mm)

Screwdriver for grub screws: with plastic handle, blade made from chrome vanadium, nickel-plated, 80 x 2.8 mm

Assembly screwdriver: nickel-plated blade, 45 x 6 mm

with special square pattern BERNSTEIN handle

Watchmaker's screwdriver: nickel-plated, with 4 interchangeable blades 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 mm

Steel tweezers: nickel-plated, with bent tips (150 mm), straight (145 mm)

Contact file: 150 mm

Special sheet-metal scissors: serrated, extremely slim, 110 mm, nickel-plated

Wrench key: special steel, nickel-plated, WAF 2.0, WAF 2.5, WAF 3.0, WAF 3.5

Torx-wrench key: with bore hole, chrome vanadium, burnished, T 10, T 15, T 20

Gas-soldering-iron Portasol: 10 - 60 W, max. temperature up to 450° C

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Item Image External dimensions
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