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High-Tech Flowmeter for Gases - without valve

Product specification The smallest flowmeters of the series EMP-4 Similar to MULTIFIT ®... more

Product specification

The smallest flowmeters of the series EMP-4

Similar to MULTIFIT®-EMP-K4, part 24875, but in standard design without regulation valve and protective pipe

Suitable for bulkhead mounting

Glass ball float for measurement of gases

Technical specification

Max. operating pressure: 1 bar

Max. temperature: +70 °C

Connection: for tubing DN 4/6

Measuring tube dimensions: 65 x 8 mm (L x Ø)

General Information The flowmeters EMP-4 operate in accordance with the float measuring... more

General Information

The flowmeters EMP-4 operate in accordance with the float measuring principle. At constant flow speed, the float in the conical measuring tube comes to rest as soon as the resistibility / flow force compensates, at the corresponding cross section, the inertial forces acting on the float. When the flow speed changes, e.g. by pressure change, the float moves freely up and down until the resistibility, altering with the free cross-sectional flow area, has stabilized at the value of inertial forces and an equilibrium of forces is again prevalent. The position of the float reached in this manner corresponds to a specific volumetric flow and is indicated as flow rate on the scale printed on measuring tube.

Precisely operating, compact flowmeters with measuring tube, needle fine regulating valve and connecting fittings as complete unit.

Housing parts are made of high-quality plastics and injection-molded.

The very accurate reading is enabled by a calibrated ribbed measuring tube, through which the ball float (for measurement of gases) or cone float are precisely conducted.

A pipe of acrylic glass protects the measuring tube against contaminations and break.

The fine regulating valve allows the exact adjustment of very small measuring intervals.

The flowmeters are supplied alternatively with or without annular proximity switch (flow controller).

Standardly, the flowmeters are fitted with screw-in tubing joints accepting tubes and pipes made of PP (polypropylene), PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) or PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) with inside diameter of 4 mm and outside diameter of 6 mm. Alternatively, these connections can be replaced by other fittings accepting tubes or pipes with different outside diameters. The screw joint bodies are screwed into an internal thread G.

Connections with bulkhead nut for wall mounting or control panel mounting.

Rear connections allow a close alignment of the flowmeters.

The measuring tube consists of pure DURAN glass of highest quality.

Accuracy class of the glass tube 2.5 according to VDI / VDE

Very good corrosion resistance to most measuring media except to hot, concentrated alkalis and hydrofluoric acid.

Due to its high boric oxide content (BO3) the DURAN glass exhibits a high thermal shock resistance, which is reflected in an extremely low linear expansion coefficient of k = 3.2 * 10-6 m/K.

Four different measuring tubes with diameters of 10, 17 and 28 mm and lengths of 75 and 150 mm offer numerous solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Item Image Measuring range gases1
Werkstoff Einheit
12 - 120 PP 1 268.00
12 - 120 PVDF 1 342.00
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