Sintered Solid Rod made of Porous UHMW-PE

Sintered Solid Rod made of Porous UHMW-PE

Technical specification

Material: UHMW-PE (polyethylene of ultrahigh molecular weight)

Design: solid rods, hydrophobic


General Information

Use for Filtration of gases and fluids, Gassing and ventilation, atomization, Fluidizing (keeping bulk material suspended by homogenous flowing through of a carrier gas).

Use of the porous material structure and its chemical resistance (condensate separation, separation of emulsions, diaphragm in electrodialysis, carrier body for fluids as false bottom).

Porous sintered plastic made of pure HDPE (high density polyethylene). Through an exactly defined and controlled sintering process granules are fused together so that stable bodies of various shapes form. By granular material selection and choice of process parameters the pore size of the porous THOMAPOR®-sintered elements can be selectively influenced.

Temperature load:

+82 °C as permanent load;

+100 °C without loading;

+116 °C with interruptions

Material of very high density and hydrophobic properties

Very well suited for machining. Material can be sawed, through-drilled and processed by machines.

Allows thermic welding with hot inert gas or with a PTFE-coated welder

Can be bonded by epoxy-based adhesives with itself, with wood, metal and ceramics. Epoxy forms a mechanical bond with the plastic and a chemical bond with the substrate resulting in a strong bonding.

Resistant to alkohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, organic compounds such as technical oils, strong alkalis, acids and their salt-formers. A weak attack is possible by oxidants, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Position Item Pore size
Outside Ø
1 52466 10 3,2 300 1 80.00 Warenkorb
2 52467 20 3,2 300 1 85.00 Warenkorb
3 52468 10 6,4 300 1 87.00 Warenkorb
4 52469 20 6,4 300 1 93.00 Warenkorb
5 52470 10 12,7 300 1 100.00 Warenkorb
6 52471 20 12,7 300 1 105.00 Warenkorb




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