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Corrugated Tube Connector made of PVDF

Product specification THOMAFLUID ® Corrugated Tube Connectors can be mounted directly on... more

Product specification

THOMAFLUID® Corrugated Tube Connectors can be mounted directly on the corrugated tubes due to their special construction. For other conventional connections, corrugated tubes normally have to be thermally smoothed or flared in the connection area so that a tube connector can be mounted.

Mounting: Due to its special construction the corrugated tube can be pushed directly onto the slightly conical connecting sleeve inside the connector body. Then when the pressure screw is tightened, the corrugated tube is fixed in place on the connecting sleeve.

An extra clamping ring is not required because it is integrated into the pressure screw. That means the connector consists of only two parts, which makes handling considerably easier.

The connector provides a complete seal when it is "hand-tight" and is able to withstand pressures up to 16 bar. No tools are required.

The possibility of accidental overtightening is excluded by the defined stop.

Technical specification

High-quality technical plastic for the chemical apparatus and machine engineering, particularly in the petrochemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical industry, as well as food processing, paper and textile industry, and in the nuclear technology.

High impact toughness even at low temperatures.

Highest mechanical stability and stiffness.

Good breakdown strength.

Low dielectric loss factor.

Suitable for the sterilization by superheated steam.

Complies with the highest standards of purity.

Approvals according to FDA, USP Class VI and KTW. Up to +150 °C it is non-toxic and does not provide a breeding ground for microorganisms since it has a similar property to glass.

Autoclavable or sterilizable by gamma rays at +134 °C without any concerns.

Outstanding resistance to UV-radiation, weather and aging.


High thermal stability.

Resistant to alcohols, greases and oils, halogenes, alkalis, acids.

Not stable to aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, amines, pyridine, dimethylformamide, hot alkalis, fuming sulfuric acid.

Material: PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride)

Colour: nature, slightly translucent

Density: 1.75 g/cm3

Temperature range: -40 to +140 °C

Shore hardness D: 79°

Max. working pressure: 10 bar at +20 °C

Water absorption: <0.04 %

Tensile strength: 38 - 50 N/mm2

Surface resistance: >1013 Ohm

Melt index MFR: 6 g/10 min.

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Item Image Tubing inside Ø
Außengewinde D
1/4" G 1/4" 21 12 27 19 17 1 50.00
3/8" G 1/4" 24 12 30 30 22 1 80.00
1/2" G 1/2" 30 14 49 27 24 1 118.00
3/4" G 3/4" 40 16 55 36 32 1 152.00