High-Power Adhesive Tape made of PET up to +90 °C - double-coated, thickness: 1 mm


Product specification

Good temperature resistance

Suitable for bonding of acrylic materials and glass

Technical specification

Material: PET (polyethyleneterephthalate)

Colour: highly transparent

Cover: PE paper, (PP film) siliconized on both sides

Adhesive: polyacrylic-based high-performance adhesive

Peel strength: 172 N / 100 mm (on steel - AFERA 4001)

Shear strength: 45 N / 625 mm2 at +20 °C (AFERA 2012)

Temperature range: -40 to +90 °C, for a short time up to+150 °C


General Information

Use in electronics and electrical engineering, for permanent bonding of smallest components, for vibration damping, and as sealing element in machine engineering and precision mechanics, as construction tape in chemical engineering and apparatus construction.

The bonding technique allows the use in applications where the mechanical joining techniques such as screwing, riveting, clipping or welding etc. were preferred up to now.

The film thickness allows a permanent bonding of materials without substantially increasing the overall thickness of the component.

The joinings are invisible due to the transparency of the adhesive film. The extremely thin adhesive film simplifies the adhesion of round components with tight radii.

The bonding technique ensures the vibration damping and the sealing function, thus preventing the intrusion of liquids and dust.

The adhesive tape is resistant to plasticizers.

The adhesive surface guarantees constant force distribution.

No material deformation

No stress cracking

Highest final adhesive strength and adaptability

The adhesive tape should be stored at a relative air humidity of 50 % and a storage temperature of approx. +20 °C.

Chemical-resistant to most alkalis, acids, and solvents

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