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PTFE Slip Grease - FDA-compliant

PTFE Slip Grease - FDA-compliant
Application area Slow-moving gearwheels, ball/roller/friction bearings as well as articulated... more

Application area

Slow-moving gearwheels, ball/roller/friction bearings as well as articulated joints, hinges etc.

Product specification

The heavy-duty slip grease is a PTFE based universal lubricant.

PTFE lubricants are formulated with two different base oils - synthetic (TP57) and silicone (TP58).

The grease complies with the FDA regulations in section 21 CFR 177.1550 and 21 CFR 178.3750 concerning accidental food contact

It does not show any signs of ageing or gumming even after extended periods of use because of the use of high-grade ingredients, and minimizes the jerking movements after long periods of use, thus having a wear-preventing effect.

Outstanding lubricating quality

Highest UV-stability and resistance to aging

Resistant to acids and alkalis

Water repellent

Excellent resistance to solvents

No drying up even after a long time

Free of toxic and ecologically harmful components

Above +290 °C generation of toxic vapors

Outstandingly sparing in use

For slip surfaces in all inside and outside areas

Field-proven packages for laboratory and industry

It shall not be used on surfaces which will be later laquered.

Technical specification

Material: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) with synthetic oil (TP57) and silicone oil (TP58)

Consistency: odorless, pure-white paste

Density: 1.44 (TP57); 1.55 (TP58) g/cm3

Median particle size: 8 - 15 µm

Consistency, 25°, NLGI: 2

Base oil viscosity, 40°: 220 (TP57); 1000 (TP58) mm2/s

Oil separation: 3.3 %

Penetration: 235 (TP57); 298 (TP58) mm/10

Four ball wear test: 0.3 (TP57); 2.6 (TP58) (ASTM D2266)

Temperature range: -50 to +200 °C

Decomposition temperature: >+260 °C

Melting point: +327 to +342 °C

Inflammation temperature: >+400 °C

Friction coefficient: 0.02 to 0.1 (depending on the test method)

No influences of: sunlight, acids and alkalis

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TP57, Dose 500 1 398.00
TP58, Dose 500 1 398.00
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