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PTFE Slip Grease

PTFE Slip Grease
Application area Slow-moving gearwheels, ball/roller/friction bearings as well as articulated... more

Application area

Slow-moving gearwheels, ball/roller/friction bearings as well as articulated joints, hinges etc.

Product specification

The heavy-duty slip grease is a PTFE based universal lubricant.

It does not show any signs of ageing or gumming even after extended periods of use because of the use of high-grade ingredients, and minimizes the jerking movements after long periods of use, thus having a wear-preventing effect.

Outstanding lubricating quality

Highest UV-stability and resistance to aging

Resistant to acids and alkalis

Outstanding resistance to sea water

Excellent resistance to solvents

No drying up even after a long time

Free of toxic and ecologically harmful components

Above +290 °C generation of toxic vapors

Outstandingly sparing in use

For slip surfaces in all inside and outside areas

Field-proven packages for laboratory and industry

Technical specification

Material: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, polydimethylsiloxane)

Consistency: odorless, pure-white paste

Density: 1.44 g/cm3

Median particle size: 5 - 6 µm

Consistency, 25°, NLGI: 2

Base oil viscosity, 40°: 1000 mm2/s

Oil separation: 3.3 %

Penetration: 301 mm/10

Four ball wear test: 2.87 (ASTM D2266)

Temperature range: -50 to +230 °C (permanent use)

Decomposition temperature: >+260 °C

Melting point: +327 to +342 °C

Inflammation temperature: >+400 °C

Friction coefficient: 0.02 to 0.1 (depending on the test method)

No influences of: sunlight, acids and alkalis

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