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RCT®-Zubehör: Replacement O-Ring

RCT®-Zubehör: Replacement O-Ring
Product specification Replacement o-rings made of EPDM more

Product specification

Replacement o-rings made of EPDM

General Information THOMACHROM ® -column modular sets of the COMBICHROM system according... more

General Information

THOMACHROM®-column modular sets of the COMBICHROM system according to JAWOREK are field-proven complete column systems for analytical and preparative separations, in particular in the biochemical area. The COMBICHROM system is build up of standardized, unbreakable and biocompatible acrylic glass components.

THOMACHROM®-multi column modular sets are proven system combinations. They contain COMBICHROM column elements of varying lengths with a COMBICHROM end fitting each for column inlet and outlet.

THOMACHROM®-column modular sets for temperature-controlled COMBICHROM columns contain additionally a 50 mm column element for positioning of the jacket.

All THOMACHROM®-column modular sets can be extended with additional COMBICHROM column elements (93599-48082) available in varying lengths and also be completed with COMBICHROM screw-in screen cartridges (93619-41047) and flow adapters (93595-48088). Also available: Column inlet end fitting (93622-48090); pair of jacketed adapters for column temperature control (93598-935981); column outlet end fitting (93626-48093).

Item Image Size Unit
für Säule 50 1 17.00
für Säule 30 1 17.00
für Säule 20 1 12.00
für Säule 10 1 12.00
für Tropfzapfen 1 12.00