THOMAFLUID III | Connectors made of plastics | Newsletter 2016 Nr. 8

THOMAFLUID III: Connectors made of plastics

RCT Reichelt Chemietechnik presents a new handbook THOMAFLUID® III Connectors made of plastics . The handbook provides a user-friendly overview of the one-piece tubing connectors made of plastics available in the assortment of Reichelt Chemietechnik, which allows the prospect a quick selection of the desired type of tubing or pipe connector in the usual way from the previous handbooks. The handbook is divided into the following chapters: Hose nozzles , screw joints for tubings with...


We take a stand on the Munich attack!

We mourn for the people who have been murdered in Munich.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the families and friends of the victims. Our thoughts are with them.   May the government succeed in pushing back the terrorism - of what kind so ever – so that the people in our country feel safe and secure and can live in harmony and happiness.   The team of Reichelt Chemietechnik Heidelberg


THOMAFLUID I Tubings made of elastomers | Newsletter 2016 Nr. 6

THOMAFLUID I: Tubings made of elastomers

RCT Reichelt Chemietechnik presents a new handbook THOMAFLUID ® Tubings made of elastomers . In addition to the basic classification according to materials (CR, EPDM, EPDM/PP, EVA, FPM, glass fabrics, butyl (IIR), NBR, NR, polyolefin, PUR, PVC, SBR and silicone), the register offers a clear classification of the tubings listed in the handbook according to concrete application areas. This combination allows the user to find the required product quickly and reliably. All tubings in the...


Round rods made of virgin PTFE | Newsletter 2016 Nr. 1

Round rods made of virgin PTFE – the semi-finished products for particularly demanding, technical construction purposes

Polytetrafluoroethylene ( PTFE ) is an almost universally applicable construction material due to its extraordinary product characteristics including highest resistance to chemicals and other substances such as acids, bases, solvents, also halogenated, as well as oils and gasoline. PTFE has become an indispensable material that can hardly be replaced by any other plastic, especially in those branches of the pump, apparatus and machine construction where high corrosion resistance is of...


Open letter to our French partners!

Open letter to our French partners!

Dear friends in Paris, Dear Mr. Martinelli, Dear Mr. Fer, Dear Mr. Chef, Our thoughts and feelings are with you. The craven terrorist attack on the people of France touch everyone who identifies with democracy and the values of freedom. We mourn with you, we cry with you, we feel with you. The suffering, that your fellow citizens have to endure, is not to be understood. The peoples of Europe must all the more do everything possible to demonstrate unity. They must close ranks to withstand...


Fittings made of PVDF for Corrugated Tubing * News 2015-11


RCT Reichelt Chemietechnik presents a new series of connectors in the product range THOMAFLUID®. Up to now, the effort required to connect corrugated tubing to existing facilities was always somewhat greater without first carrying out a thermal smoothing or expansion. Due to the special design, the corrugated tubing can now be placed directly on the nozzle in the screw fitting. Then it is fixed on the nozzle by tightening the pressure screw and can be used immediately. Another...




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