Silicone Tubing

Silicone tubing/Silicone tubings/Silicone rubber tubing

The silicone tubing or silicone rubber tubing is produced for various applications. Our product range includes silicone pump tubing, silicone analytical tubing, silicone tubings with anti-static characteristics (electrically conducting), silicone pressure tubing, silicone high-temperature tubing, silicone radiator tubing and silicone insulating tubing. Silicone tubings for the medical and pharmaceutical technology are BFR, FDA and USP compliant. The tubings are highly flexible and resilient up to +250°C for a short time. They are suited for autoclaving and hot-air sterilisation. Their application areas are analytical, medical and pharmaceutical technologies, as well as biotechnology and food engineering/food industry. Particularly noteworthy are the silicone high-temperature tubings designed for a temperature range from -60°C to 300° C. The production of the tubings is subject to strict monitoring using only high-quality elastomers. The vulcanizates do not contain any extractable constituents.


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