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Plate made of PI

Plate made of PI
Application area For replacement of metals and ceramics, manufacturing of valve seats... more

Application area

For replacement of metals and ceramics, manufacturing of valve seats ("high-tech valves"), slide bearings, as well as for pump bottom parts, rollers, high-temperature insulations and for electrotechnical parts.

Nuclear, automobile and electrical industry, semi-conductor industry, defense technology, glass industry, injection moulding and extrusion plants, chemical industry ("no steam") and welding plants.

Product specification

Heavy-duty plastic

Outstandingly high temperature resistance (operating temperature limit)

Very high stiffness and hardness

Remarkable mechanical stability maintained over a large temperature range

Very good wear resistance

Good chemical resistance

Good antifrictional properties

Outstanding creep strength

Very good dimensional stability

Good electrical insulating properties

Favorable dielectric characteristics

Inherent flame resistance

Outstanding radiation resistance

Extremely high-quality technical plastic (duroplast) for special applications in machine and chemical apparatus building as well as in electrical engineering

Technical specification

Material: PI (polyimide)

Colour: natural (chestnut)

Temperature range: -250 to +260 °C, for a short time +400 °C

Thermal conductivity: 0.35 W/K x m (DIN 52612)

Burning characteristics: 53 % ("oxygen index") (ASTM D2863)

Flammability rating: UL 94 V-0 (thickness 1.5 mm)

Density: 1.43 g/cm3 (ASTM D 792)

Tensile strength: 86 N/mm2 (ASTM D 638M)

Elongation at break: 7.5 % (ASTM D 638M)

Rockwell hardness: M 92-102

Tensile modulus: 3,100 N/mm2 (ASTM D 790)

Izod impact toughness: 750 J/m (ASTM D 256)

Dielectric strength: 22 kV/mm (ASTM D 149)

Volume resistivity: 1016 Ohm x cm (ASTM D 257)

Surface resistivity: 1015 Ohm/cm2 (ASTM D 257)

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Item Image Thickness
1,6 254 x 254 1 2,006.00
3,2 254 x 254 1 2,751.00
4,8 254 x 254 1 3,667.00
6,4 254 x 254 1 4,253.00
12,7 254 x 254 1 5,567.00
25,4 254 x 254 1 8,901.00
38,1 254 x 254 1 13,505.00
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