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Precision Micro Double-Piston Pump

Application area Pressure conveyance and metering of all kinds of liquid media in the areas... more

Application area

Pressure conveyance and metering of all kinds of liquid media in the areas of chemical laboratory and analytical technology, especially low-pressure chromatography, chemical nuclear technology and radiochemistry, biotechnology, semiconductor research, pharma development and pharma production, medical engineering and chemical apparatus construction.

Product specification

Precision double-piston pumps with complex Abbé-kinematics and micro-processor controlled stepping motor drive for extremely linear and pressure-independent delivery also of very small quantities.

Remote control via interface (V 24 and RS 232 resp.).

Inert design, medium-contacting parts made of glass, PTFE, and PCTFE, gaskets made of epoxy (EP), FPM , and silicone, chemically sterilizable. Digital LED-display of flow and pressure; three application-oriented versions for delivery rates of 1 to 200 ml/h and 0.1 to 999 ml/h resp.

Technical specification

Temperature range: 0 to +60 °C

Reproducibility: 0.1%

Accuracy of delivery: 0.15%

Max. counterpressure at:

200 ml/h: 50 bar

500 ml/h: 50 bar (not PDP 3003)

750 ml/h: 30 bar (not PDP 3003)

999 ml/h: 20 bar (not PDP 3003)

Autom. delivery compensation at valve change-over: only PDP 3005

Pressure monitoring: PDP 3004 and PDP 3005 (adjustable upper and lower limits)

Interface: PDP 3004 and PDP 3005

Voltage: 220 - 240 V~ / 50 Hz

Power consumption: 40 VA

Dimensions: 450 x 160 x 230 mm

No additional information available.
Item Image Type Max. delivery rate
PDP3003 3,3 10 1 10,920.00
PDP3004 16,6 10 1 12,820.00
PDP3005 16,6 12 1 16,760.00
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